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Family Portraits

With more than 17 years in photography and a bustling family of my own, I know all too well, that time is  fleeting. If there's one universal truth for all of us, it's that it all goes by WAY TOO FAST! Which is why it's so important to capture these precious moments while you can! Family portraits create tangible memories that serve as a testament to your family's love for generations. 

What to Wear?!

Deciding on outfits for the whole family doesn't have to be a daunting task! Here are a few quick tips to help you plan your families wardrobe for your next photo session! 


Pick a Palette

The easiest place to start for family photos, is to chose a palette of 3-5 complimentary colors. I love that the Burns family is wearing soft neutrals that compliment all of their skin tones and work together nicely. These colors have the added bonus of looking great with most home decor, so you know your photo will look awesome when it hangs on your wall at home!

Chose a Feature Pattern


Pick one person to wear a feature pattern and build your palette around it! I generally recommend a small print pattern like the one Liz is wearing in this photo. The small print adds interest without taking away from her lovely face and cute baby bump. 

Pattern 1.png
Pattern 2.png

Here, the Farvour family is showing off another great way to incorporate a pattern into a family portrait. I love the way Kathy's scarf adds a bit of layering and also serves as the key to tying all the colors together in this set. 



Add Texture

Another way to spice up your photos without distracting is to add texture. Cable or waffle knits, linen, corduroy, & lace can all add interest to your aesthetic. Just remember not to go overboard! Pick one or two accent textures in solid colors.


As a mom with 3 kids (1 in college!), I value savings. As a business owner, I value loyalty.
This is why, I happily reward clients who trust me to capture their precious memories time & again by offering a loyalty discount to those who have worked with me in the past.
Picture of two young children


30 minutes

Immediate Family


10 Digital Images Included

Family on a boat


60 minutes

Immediate Family


25 Digital Images Included

Extended family with grandparents, adult children, & grandchildren


60 minutes

Extended Family 

(up to 20 people)


30 Digital Images Included

All sessions include a personalized, password protected online gallery of your images
with full service print & photo product options
"Miranda has been taking my family photos since our first maternity shoot back in 2014...and 4 kids later and 10 years of marriage, she's still capturing all the smiles!! Thanks for making it easy for my kids to be themselves and amazingly getting them all to look at you at the same time! Highly Recommend!!"

Cassie Schroeder

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