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Meet Dr. Anna from Theia Vision Eye Care

"Hartland is where my heart lives. My husband and I and our Old English Sheepdog Bailey moved to Hartland three years ago when I was expecting our son Maks. As an eye doctor I always wanted to create a community family optical boutique where the care was front and center. What better place to do that than in our home community with Theia Vision Care located at 213 E. Capitol Dr. Hartland WI. Maks is now three years old and all about fire trucks, muddy puddles and soccer balls. As a parent there is nothing I would not do for my child to have the best in the world. As an eye doctor and a mom, I am very passionate about setting our children up for success. Over 80% of our brains are dedicated to vision and if some part of the visual process is not working as it should: focusing, tracking, depth perception, eye posture, color perception just to name a few, the child will not be able to function to the best of his ability…. especially in school or in sports. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), the first eye exam should be between 6-18 months. I feel so strongly about providing the best comprehensive eye care for all of our children at Theia Vision Care I offer FREE first pediatric exams to any child who has not had one. The school screening or the screening at the pediatrician will miss most of the things I mentioned. Furthermore, eye diseases such as glaucoma or even a tumor are silent and painless and can easily be missed without a yearly eye exam. It is vital to have a yearly eye exam for everyone from age two to 102! I am thrilled and blessed to have a business in Hartland where I can focus on what is truly important for my community and my family.

Theia Vision Care is my child. It needs nurturing and support. Having a business and a family in my hometown is so special because it allows me to focus on my WHY, the reason why I do what I do. The reason is to help make life better. I can help my family and my community achieve the healthiest most positive, beautiful life. The small-town feel is what makes this approach special and this is the approach extended to everyone. Theia Vision Care provides Eye Care Because We Care. There is never a “good time” to… start a business, have a family, start the job you want, travel, start the fitness plan. There is only today. I have always asked myself, would I regret it if I didn’t do it. If the answer is yes, I jump in and figure it out. I moved to the United States with my single mom from communist Russia when I was 10 years old. It was frightening. I did not speak English, I did not even know the English alphabet. I graduated high school at the top of my class. I even won forensics, speaking competition in 6th grade, just over a year after I came to America. From business school to optometry school and with 12 years of optical experience under my belt, I continue to learn and improve. I love my life and I live it with a passion. I also lead by example. I am up at 5:30 am to go to CrossFit, I track my nutrition with a nutrition coach, I drink over 120 oz of water per day and do my best (with a 3-year-old son) to get 8 hours of sleep per night. I use Headspace, a meditation app along with guided meditations to find daily energy and focus within. I read voraciously, just finishing a book about the life of Leonardo Da Vinci. My goal is to be better every day than I was before. I have been incredibly fortunate to have support in my life for what I wanted to do. My mom, my babushka, my step-father, my best friend and my husband and his family have been sources of solid strength. Sometimes they even had faith in me I did not have in myself at the time. I am grateful beyond words for that faith and as a result I focus on doing everything possible to set up others for success. From our intern applying to college, to my best friend, I am surrounded by strong women and strong people. I believe in the power of love, that good will triumph, and I have hope that we will always support one another, stand up for what we believe, have zero tolerance for bullying, and appreciate our own worth. The only things I regret are the things I chose not to do, like taking a trip to Canada with my mom when I was in high school. I would have had to miss school classes and decided not to go. My mom passed in 2015 from Acute Myeloid Leukemia, one month after my son was born. I will never have a chance to go with her. She is the reason why I have the best life in the world and now I choose to live it with no regrets. This means if something is scary, like starting a business, I jump in and do it. That’s the best approach for a business and anything in life. Don’t wait for a special-occasions… or any occasion! Book the trip to Paris, wear the dress to the grocery store, tell those who are important that you love them, start the business, buy the glasses… Life is too short not to.

At Theia Vision Care, our goal is to delight you, while providing the highest level of care. Theia is the Greek goddess of sight, light and possesses considerable beauty. She also bestows gold, silver and gems with their radiance. Everyone’s radiance should shine. I have always loved art, health, science, fitness and beauty and incorporate all of that into Theia Vision Care. As a doctor, I believe the best medicine is preventative. What can I do to create positive energy, health and wellness now and how can I help my patients and guests do this? For example, I will check if your computer work and ergonomic set-up contribute to dry eye. When I conduct my exam, if I notice in the microscope your eyelids do not close efficiently, it may mean you have undiagnosed sleep apnea and need a breathing machine. In addition to checking vision and ocular health, I may notice hypertension, diabetes, inflammatory diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and even GI issues, just by looking in your eyes. I personally conduct the entire exam, without the help of a technician, which allows me to address overall health and lifestyle concerns that will help you live your best life and provide clearest and healthiest vision.

Because this is a family business, I treat you like family. I do good, have fun and give back to the community. Our practice is pioneering this approach by focusing directly on the patient without allowing third parties, such as unnecessary vision plans, to put in barriers between you and your provider. With our Direct Care option, we post all of the pricing which is consistent and fair for everyone, right on our website. We also provide Theia Concierge Care which, for a flat yearly fee, allows you to have unlimited visits with the doctor at no additional charge. Imagine, no co-pays, no deductibles, everything is covered. Period. Ask us how.

Since Hartland is home, I choose to invest in home rather than a third party. At Theia Vision Care, we have provided FREE exams and glasses to high school students in need. We donate your old glasses, so bring in the ones that are packed away in your drawer. We have provided FREE eye exams to the people who take care of us and our community, including, firefighters, police officer and the local library. We always offer FREE first pediatric eye exams. We volunteer yearly at the Arrowhead High School Health class and career fair. We also donate a pair of sunglasses to the class every year. We continue to welcome and educate students interested in medical professions. This year we have provided half a dozen students with job shadow opportunities. I believe education and hands-on experience is so important that I have personally spent time explaining ocular anatomy, optics, refraction and answering questions for the students. At Theia Vision Care we also teach optical and business via our internship program and continue to provide educational classes for FREE to the public on topics such as Blue Light Protection, Computer Vision Syndrome, Dry Eye and Allergies, just to name a few. We continue to participate in community events such as Hartland Children’s Day, Business Halloween, 4th of July Parade and Hartland Holiday Lights, donating both time and money. We have sponsored local schools in sporting events including the Fun Run and local CrossFit competitions such as the Midwest Monster, to continue to promote health and wellness for children and adults of all ages.

My life in communist Russia was brown and grey. The buildings and streets and even dogs were all grey. The uniform I wore every day to school was brown with a black apron. Laughing was not encouraged and enjoying something beautiful in your life made you a bad person. Laughter really is the best medicine and eyes are the windows to the soul, moreover the windows to your health. I can enjoy that now and I can share that now. I personally selected all of the glasses that we carry at the Theia Vision Care optical boutique. Our frames are the most beautiful colors, some of which were invented by the frame designers. Stop in, say hello and try some on. Pick up a complimentary chocolate treat for you or a doggie snack for your puppy and ask us which sunglasses are the best for you. Jump in, enjoy life and the freedom to wear whatever color you want. Don’t ever look back."

I love you mom. I miss you every day and I hope you are proud.

~Dr. Anna Koeck . CEO Theia Vision Care~

Eye Care Because We Care

Dr. Anna, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that your mama is beaming with pride from the heavens for her amazing girl! Your passion and commitment to your patients and our community, coupled with your educational outreach and wonderful service work, embody absolutely everything I was thinking of when considering Leading Ladies for this project. We are so proud and LUCKY to have you, your family and your business in our community!

To meet Dr. Anna and schedule an eye exam for yourself or a little one, please visit her office at

213 E Capitol Dr, Hartland, WI 53029



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