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Hartland's Leading Ladies

As a business owner in Hartland for the last 10 years, I have had the privilege of working with a multitude of fascinating female entrepreneurs here in my hometown. I have been impressed by the businesses they’ve created and inspired by the myriad of ways they serve and give back to our community. And, as it turns out, our little village has had a surprisingly long history of female entrepreneurs. Ladies such as Mabel Hansen (pictured), who was editor and owner of the Hartland News for 29 years at the turn of the century, and Francis Schraudenbach who, in 1898 attended an “embalming” seminar and according to her obituary, gave Hartland the “distinction of being one of the few communities in the area to have an embalmer for women and children.” These pioneering women, and others like them, blazed the trail for the leading ladies of today but unfortunately outside of their death notices, and a few short newspaper clippings, very little historical information is available about them.

Fueled by the knowledge of these groundbreaking women in Hartland’s history and inspired by all of the ladies currently out there hustling, I have created a project to promote the work these incredible women are doing. In partnership with the Hartland Business Improvement District, I am excited to announce a photo-blog series entitled, “Hartland’s Leading Ladies.” Beginning next month and continuing throughout the year, we will post a monthly series featuring women business owners and leaders in Hartland, offering insight into their career paths, experiences with small town business ownership, community outreach work, and advice to other entrepreneurs in their own words. It is our hope that by sharing the stories of these women, we will educate our community, encourage future generations, and preserve the legacy of Hartland’s Leading Ladies for years to come!

Watch for Elise Miller of the Lake Country Bed Barn, our first “Leading Lady” coming later this month!!


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