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Meet Elise from The Lake Country Bed Barn

"When we started our business in Hartland over four years ago, it was seriously on a whim! 

We had recently had our first child, Quinn, and I went back to work in corporate America.  I was in a under-stimulating job and hated being away from my baby girl.  I talked with my husband, Nick, about quitting to do something part time and be home more with our daughter.  He was all in.  We both came from households where our mothers stayed home to raise us so we went for it.  I wasn't having the best luck finding part-time work with decent {or even okay} pay.  My father asked me about the job search, and I told him it wasn't looking great (via text) and then he texted back "Sounds like Hartland needs a BB (short for Bed Barn)". Immediately, I texted back "Seriously" and then proceeded to call him in excitement.  My father helped us start up a mattress store, similar to the existing Bed Barn in Watertown, which started in the barn in my childhood home.  We opened our doors for business by appointment less than a month from that conversation and I quit working full time a few weeks later!  Crazy but it worked out!  Since opening a business in Hartland we become invested and a little obsessed with this Village.  We love the community of people that surround us and support our business.  We have lived in Hartland for almost 7 years and each year gets better!  There are so many kind and helpful people in this Village, who love to have fun and have great pride for where the live. 

I feel honored to be a part of it!

Starting business on a whim, did have to ask for some "forgiveness" from the village because we didn't really do our homework before starting the business. Dave Lamerand is our neighbor so he was one of the first people we reached out to, to find a space to rent in Hartland. He is a great neighbor and continued to be an advocate for our fledgling business during his term.  Dr. Jim Munzenberger, owner of Generations Dental, was one of the first to introduce us to the Business Improvement District and the grants they provide for businesses in downtown.  Dr. Jim's daughter and partner, Dr. Kelly Newman, was one of the first young professionals I met in the area and she introduced me to many other young professionals, through a group she started, Launch.  I run two events in Downtown Hartland: Hartland's Neighborhood Night Out and our Sidewalk Sale.  In running those events I have been able to connect with

many great local, like minded business owners!

We have so many great partnerships with local businesses because we enjoy getting to know other business owners and we learned we really need help sometimes!  It is just my husband and I majority of the time, and often two young daughters "helping".  We are not experts in everything so sometimes we need to find someone who might have a resource, person, or similar experience that can help us! 

These great partnerships are one of the many advantages of owning a business in a small town like Hartland. I don't have tons of experience with the big city but we do have a store in Waukesha.  It is different working with the people there versus Hartland.  In this small village, where everywhere I go I see someone I know and enjoy talking with. It is something you will not get in the big city.  I appreciate being able to take my children around Hartland and having someone else who is looking out for them as well!  Hartland is a great place for women to start a business, there are many female owners in downtown Hartland, and we all love sharing our knowledge of small business with others!  They also love when you bring in little children to meetings and such (I know because I often have to do it)!  "

~ Elise Miller . Owner Lake Country Bed Barn ~

In the 4 short years since Elise Miller started her business in Hartland

she has quickly become a Leading Lady in our community. She was chosen for this project because of her deep commitment to seeing both her business and our village, thrive and grow. She has earned my respect and the respect of her peers with her "can-do" spirit and tireless work ethic. Outside of the Lake Country Bed Barn, Elise is actively involved in the Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce and serves as co-coordinator for Hartland's Neighborhood Night Out. In addition, she single-handily runs the annual village Sidewalk Sale, which is coming up Saturday, Aug 25th. She hopes to see Downtown Hartland's retail and restaurant presence grow because, "when those flourish, the rest of the businesses benefit!"

I couldn't agree more, Elise!


Learn more about Elise and The Lake Country Bed Barn by visiting her store or website!

122 Cottonwood Ave, Ste 2

Hartland, WI 53029

Tuesday - Friday 11 am - 5 pm

Saturday 10 am -- 3 pm

or by appointment (262) 349-0034


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