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a little about me...

Hey Everybody! _Since its Friday, and si

I've been around cameras my entire life. My mom is a huge photography buff and her most favorite subject has always been her family. Wherever my sister and I went, whatever we did, mom was usually just a footstep behind (or ahead), ready to snap one of her infamous "action shots."


Although I grew up with photography as a major part of my life, I never really considered it as a career path. In fact, throughout college my main goal was to find a career where I could help people. Eventually my path led me to a degree in Family Social Science and when I graduated, I had every intention of becoming a social worker. That is, until my son was born! Once Killian came into my life, I only had eyes for him....saving the world would have to wait. A few months after he arrived, my mom gave me my first digital camera. And as she had with me, I quickly began capturing every special (and ordinary) moment of his young life. It didn't take long for people to take notice and soon enough, friends and family began to ask if I'd take photos of their children. Thus, the Art of Life was born! 


Along the way, I've realized that it takes a lot more than just a passion for kids and photography to make GREAT photos. I've gradually moved up from a simple point and shoot to more complex DSLR cameras. I've expanded my portfolio, beyond children to seniors, weddings, business headshots, and most recently product photography. I've spent hours reading manuals, watching technique tutorials, taking photo editing classes and just plain shooting to perfect my craft. In the meantime, I've also added two more children: Oliver & Fiona, to my family, giving me no shortage of models!


15 years ago, I never would've dreamed that I'd be where I am today but I've come to realize that ironically, I'm still helping people and families. Every time I take a photo, I capture a moment in time for those people and in doing so, I may not be saving the world but I am saving a memory. A memory that means the world to that family.

And in doing so, I'm capturing the  Art of photo at a time. 

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